The current PHO has been updated (Fraser Health Authority Fraser Valley East specific Oct 4, 2021). As you can appreciate this is a very fluid time and we will pass on things as changes are communicated to us. The updated interpretation of the PHO is as such. Vaccine passports will be required for spectators 12 years and older for all ice times. This will be in effect Wednesday October 6, 2021. Please remember that this is a public health order that AMHA is expected to follow. Please do not treat the volunteers with disrespect; they are simply ensuring we are in compliance with the PHO so our kids can stay on the ice. Disrespecting volunteers will not be tolerated.

In accordance with the Provincial Health Order please see the updated guidelines regarding Proof of Vaccination for facility users which are now in effect:

  • –        An adult (19+) leading, supervising, or assisting a sport program for children and youth must be fully vaccinated. This includes volunteer coaches, paid coaches, paid staff, parent volunteers, and volunteer officials for indoor and outdoor child and youth sports.

    –        Spectators (12+) for children, youth and adult indoor sport must show proof of vaccination. Previously it was a minimum of 10 spectators for sport and now it is for any amount.

    –         Acceptable photo identification now includes a temporary driver’s license and United States military identification card as acceptable identification.


    Adult Sports: Anyone aged 22 and up or affiliated with an adult sport activity or rental will be required to provide proof of vaccination when entering a City of Abbotsford Arena. This includes coaches, officials and volunteers associated with adult sports.

Medical Exemptions

    According to the Provincial Health Order, there are no medical exemptions to the process.

User Group Responsibility

    • User groups are responsible for verifying proof of vaccination when applicable. Each individual team will have someone validating passports at each ice time. (Team Manager or appointed by team manager)


    User groups are responsible for all staff/volunteer resources required for the verification process.


    The existing mask mandate still applies – in all indoor spaces except during physical activity (on ice)

Post-game handshake rules from PCAHA:

With the Covid 19 pandemic number of cases continuing to rise, we are requiring that
the bare-hand handshake, the glove-on handshake and the glove-on fist bump be
replaced with a Stick Tapping to the opposing team and to the on-ice officials from
your own blueline.
For example, the game ends, you leave your bench (when allowed to) and celebrate
the team’s good game with your goalie. Then move to your blueline and face your
opponents, who will be lining up on their blueline, and begin a stick tap. Then face the
on-ice officials and repeat. Then proceed to your dressing room (when allowed to).
We ask all PCAHA Minor Hockey Associations pass this information to their teams, until
further notice.