AMHA Awards

2018/19 Award Winners:
Volunteer of the Year--Pawan Dhillon
Rec Team of the Year--Atom C4
Rep Team of the Year--Peewee A2
Coach of the Year Initiation/Novice--Dustin McAuley
Assistant Coach of the Year Initiation/Novice--Jay Thompson
Coach of the Year Rec--Kevin Shead
Assistant Coach of the Year Rec--Brad Nicholson
Coach of the Year Rep--Jamie Mitchell
Assistant Coach of the Year Rep--Andy Stewart
Manager of the Year--Sheri Doerksen
Greg and Sam Stone Award--Mike Oddy and Janine Rizzo
President's Award--Atom A1
Committee person of the Year--Cheri Emmerson and Irene Johanson


1. AMHA Volunteer of the Year

Recipient will be someone who has put in countless hours volunteering in their position and has gone over and above what is expected throughout the season.

2. AMHA Committee Chairperson of the Year

Recipient will be someone who has made a significant impact in organizing and leading an event or committee.  Eg: tournament chair, fundraising committee etc.

3. AMHA Team of the Year

Recipients of this award would reflect a team’s accomplishments both on and off the ice. Off the ice to include team's demonstration of giving back to the community.

4. AMHA Coach of the Year

There will be 3 awards - initiation, house and rep. If you are nominating for more than one category, please complete individual nominations or clearly state which of the 3 categories beside the person's name.

Recipient will be a coach who has made a significant impact during the current season with his team.

5. AMHA Manager of the Year

Recipient of this award would reflect dedication to their team through countless hours of volunteer work, often behind the scene. This person has displayed exceptional organizational and planning skills. Gives effort above and beyond what is necessary. Has a positive impact on their respective team, has shown effective communication and promotes genuine respect for players, coaches, officials, opponents and parents. This person represents a positive public image for the "AMHA.

6. AMHA Greg and Sam Stone Award

Named in honour of Greg and Sam Stone who dedicated more than 10 seasons to AMHA. The criteria for this award is longevity and retirement.

7. President's Award

Recipients of this award would reflect an individual or team who gives back to their community, promotes awareness of a greater cause and brings honor to AMHA through their humanitarian efforts.