Abbotsford Minor Hockey Association

Pee Wee Rec Tournament

Welcome to the home of the 2018 AMHAPee Wee Rec tournament. The 2019 tournament will be held January 4-6, 2019.

The AMHA is now full.

Tournament details will be updated on this webpage regularly. Please check back to this page for updated information regularly. The tournament committee will make it available here as soon as they can.

For any further questions or inquiries please contact

Tournament Details:

For any further questions or inquiries please contact

Registration fee. Registration fee can be paid online via the tournament registration system.

We prefer to accept payment via credit card. If you wish to pay by cheque, and additional $250 will be charged for administration fees for handling of the cheque and time to deposit it.  

Teams from outside Canada (International) must pay extra $150 insurance fee for International teams.

Additional Notes:

  • Withdrawal from any tournament after acceptance, will result in a refund of the registration fee, less a $200.00 administration fee provided the vacant position is filled. If the vacant position is not filled, no refund will be given.
  • By registering, the team acknowledges the rules and conditions set by the Tournament and all tournament rules will be posted on the tournament website.
  • Any damage to locker rooms will be reported to your association for payment.

Schedule and Pools:

Pool 1 Pool 2 Pool 3 Pool 4
Surrey Pee Wee C1 AMHA Pee Wee C3 PMAHA Peewee C1 AMHA Pee Wee C4
Chilliwack Peewee C5 Chilliwack Peewee C2 RMMHA Peewee c3 AMHA Pee Wee C5
AMHA Pee Wee C1 Peewee Langley C4 AMHA Pee Wee C2 Burnaby Minor Hockey Association PW6
Ridge Meadows Peewee C5 Squamish Eagles Peewee C1 SEMIAHMOO Peewee C5 Squamish Eagles PeeWee C2

Playoff Schedule:

Upon completion of the round robin, all teams through round robin play will be seeded 1 through 16. Seeds 1-8 will move onto the A flight, Seeds 9-12 will move to the B Flight and 13-16 the Consolation. The seeds will be determined as per the rules, and in the order listed. The website standings will calculate all of these automatically upon completion of the round robin portion.